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How do security breaches take place?

A security breach on a company’s servers might happen for several reasons but most are related to vulnerabilities embedded within that system. For instance, a targeted virus could infest a mainframe simply by taking advantage of a security weakness, a weak chink in the link.

More and more companies and organizations have started performing security audits and vulnerability assesment on their systems and websites. Everyone wants to make sure there are no vulnerabilities embedded within a system so that no virus can manipulate it. The work we do here at TCS Forensics revolves around Vulnerability Assessments, among other things.

High-end vulnerability assessment approach

Our team of cybersecurity specialists knows its way around security systems. We also possess extensive knowledge about the most common vulnerabilities that hackers usually manipulate. Moreover, our investigations follow a strict methodology that copies the FBI and RCMP’s own regulations. We work within the full boundaries of the law.

Our vulnerability assessment demands no additional resources from our clients except direct access to the system itself. We will not halt, disrupt or otherwise slow down normal operations throughout our investigations. At the end of our assessment, we will deliver a thorough report on what we’ve found, as well as concise recommendations on what should be done.

What can we check for vulnerabilities?

The TCS vulnerability assessments include overarching types of potential vulnerability mediums. Therefore, we can analyze:

  • Websites and website applications, including e-commerce solutions
  • Physical security entry and exit points like cameras, terminals, alarms, and so on
  • Computer operating systems
  • Personnel security policies or regulations enforcement policies

The first step we take is to screen a system to check for any vulnerabilities. This is the longest step in the process. If we come across anything resembling a security weakness, we’ll start tests to check whether the vulnerability is just a fluke, an error, or a debilitating and critical chink. The end-report will present an exhaustive perspective over the vulnerability, down to the smallest details.

Is TCS Forensics good enough?

Rather than bragging senselessly about the quality of our services, we leave that for our clients’ recommendations, certifications, and peerless methodologies to demonstrate our prowess in what we do. Be it cyber-forensic investigations, vulnerability assessment and anything in between, our experts deploy high-edge techniques and tools, as well as pertinent brainstorming tactics.

To show you that we care, we provide a free Vulnerability Assessment consultation if you contact us now. During it, we’ll help you decide whether you truly need our services or not. We will ensure your security systems are all accounted for, and that they work optimally.

Any vulnerability and security weakness represents a festering wound ready to bleed you dry. If you don’t patch it up while it’s still doable, you won’t have a chance later on. Most companies and organizations that have been hacked or have suffered infiltrations had improper security systems in place. There was at least one vulnerability that the hackers manipulated in order to gain access to confidential files.

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