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From the very moment you boot up your browser and access a random webpage, you’ve just dodged 3-4 hacking attempts. On the internet, you’re always in danger because you don’t know where you’re going to get a virus. It can happen at any time and it hits unexpectedly.

Our department for threat prevention focuses on teaching you or screening your system for any of the known virus types. Cyberthreats are split into multiple categories, and only an expert would know the telltale sign of each of these threats. The best offense is a perfect defense, in this case.

What cyberthreats can we deal with?

Throughout our time working on threat prevention, we have gained extensive experience with:

  • Social engineering attacks – specifically designed to siphon personal data from unwary users through manipulation (a fake email from your banking institution asking for personal banking information)
  • Malware – the most common type of cyberthreat can take the form of viruses, trojans, ransomware, worms, spyware, and more
  • DDoS attacks – DDoS stands for distributed denial-of-service, and it implies a premeditated system overload by flooding it with a lot of traffic, thus disrupting the website’s functionality

At TCS Forensics, we put the safety of our clients in front of everything else. It’s our highest priority, which we further through top tech skills, vast experience with cyberwarfare prevention, and a healthy dose of professionalism.

How do you know you’ve been hacked?

There are a couple of dead giveaways to being hacked, certain telltale signs that rarely suggest anything else but a virus infection. Among them, we can name:

  • A sudden change to your browser homepage
  • Unexpected and strange pop-ups unrelated to your search results
  • Unsolicited browser redirects
  • Delayed keystrokes
  • Overall slowdown to all your computer operations
  • Encrypted files (for a ransomware occurrence)

If you experience one or more of these events, we recommend reporting it to us as soon as possible. Most likely, it’s not too late to prevent your system from falling prey to a severe virus infection. The first thing you should do is disconnect your device from the internet – that’s where the virus is coming from.

Try making mental notes of the exact steps that led to your computer becoming infected with cyber bacteria. You should be able to tell us more about your computer’s suspicious behavior, and what you did prior to that.

How is TCS Forensics in a position to help you?

TCS Forensics respects a certain code of conduct and a rigid methodology – the evidence we uncover and the work we do falls under official regulations of the FBI and RCMP.

We’re among the best cybersecurity experts you can consult and request help from. Be it a virus, ransomware, a password that needs cracking, or forensic-related, we will cover your back. With precision and efficiency, we will determine the exact virus roaming about your computer, halt its advance, and get rid of it for good. Contact us now for more information!

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Annie Ting

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Peter German

“I am very familiar with the management and employees of TCS Forensics. In my experience, the forensic examiners are experienced individuals and provide an excellent service to clients. I would certainly use their services in the future.”

Peter M. German, QC, PhD
Deputy Commissioner, RCMP (ret’d)

“I have utilized and recommended TCS Forensics to provide advanced technical support on many files over the years. They are responsive and knowledgeable providers of advanced tech services. They take a methodical, professional approach to their work and provide a thorough investigation report. A high end service which I appreciate.”

Scot Filer, CEO
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“Quality Preservation of Electronic Evidence – the experienced professionals at TCS are excellent at capturing, preserving, and extracting data. Their work was key to solving complex financial transactions and assisting in the presentation of my forensic accounting evidence. This team produces quality forensic work.”

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