Keith Perrin

Chief Executive Officer

Keith Perrin is the co-founder and CEO of TCS Forensics Limited, a pioneering digital forensics firm established in 2003. As an entrepreneur and business owner, Keith is a passionate advocate for research, investment and innovation in digital forensics.  

Keith’s expertise and commitment to the industry are reflected in his first-rate team of professionals whose complementary skills and specializations have established TCS Forensics as Western Canada’s authority in the field of digital forensics.  

Keith & his wife Catherine co-founded TCS 16 years ago. By investing in the largest private digital forensics lab and evidence storage facility in Western Canada, TCS soon became the premier firm in BC’s emerging digital forensics industry.  

Keith and his team developed stringent evidence storage protocols that have attracted a loyal clientele of law firms that rely on TCS’ consistency in providing court-admissible evidence.  

With over 30 years of experience in the corporate world, Keith is especially skilled at applying digital forensics technology to improving business growth and profitability.  

To be sure, the demand for digital forensic services has kept TCS Forensics on a path of steady growth for over 16 years.

Keith first started out in accounting and moved into sales before settling into executive management. With experience in technology and professional services, construction, waste management and radio, he has overseen mergers and acquisitions in ventures with over 400 employees and up to $160 million in annualized revenue.

Keith’s focus is on expanding the firm’s digital forensics, cyber investigation and security and risk management services to keep TCS Forensics at the forefront of the industry.