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Cybersecurity Statistics 2019: A Comprehensive Overview

The cyberworld has been in a constant metamorphosis ever since its emergence, pushing forward the boundaries of our comprehension. When it comes to online businesses and other similar actors, cyber threats are an ever-increasing problem that have slowly seeped in every industry. For this reason, the topic of cybersecurity deserves much more attention and credit […]

Why Spam and Robocalls are on the Rise

We’ve all been receiving these types of calls, pre-recorded messages that are relentless, annoying and almost always, downright illegal. It’s become an absolute epidemic. According to North American statistics, spam calls or robocalls are at an all-time high and it only appears to be increasing each and every single month. Just this past October 2019, […]

The Difference Between Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Over the years, we have had many businesses inquire about vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services. Quite often, these business owners, upper-level executives and other important decision-makers, ask for one service when they actually require the other. This confusion is quite common, as many people and even providers in the industry sometimes use both these […]