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Google Play Store and Outlook under attack: Cybersecurity hits

Latest cybersecurity news on some of the biggest companies: Google, Facebook, and Outlook. Malwares, attacks, threats—the never ending list of cybersecurity issues are faced by big names too. Nobody is safe online. 1. Google Play Store apps infected with Malware Pradeo Researchers found six apps on the Google Play Store that were infected with a […]

‘Cybercrimes cost businesses $25 a minute’: Cybersecurity News

Read the daily round-up of cybersecurity news below: 1. Cybercrime will cost businesses an absurd amount by next year Cybercrimes are a major issue and threat to businesses, therefore millions of dollars are spent per minute just trying to tackle these issues. Over the last 5 years the cost of fighting this major problem has […]

Apple and Fritzfrog Malware: Cybersecurity News

Your daily cybersecurity news round-up: 1. FritzFrog Malware FritzFrog is a form of peer-to-peer malware that has just been discovered and it has been found in a variety of networks this year. FritzFrog is fileless and operates decentralized. Most Malware use existing sources or past patterns, but with FritzFrog it is more unique as it […]