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What Our Analysis Process Looks Like

Our full forensic analysis is a detailed analysis of the device you submitted. If the focus is to identify emails, for example, we will not only review the emails in question but also identify digital artifacts that relate to the message. This type of examination is a lot more reliable because it means that our […]

Latest in Cybersecurity: 3 things you need to know

June 23, 2020. Here is today’s round-up of the latest cybersecurity and digital forensics news in Canada and US. What’s the latest? Shortage of cybersecurity experts in a time of crisis Cybersecurity this, cybersecurity that. It’s all we are hearing these days because of remote work due to COVID-19. Cybersecurity is important, but companies are […]

COVID-19: Cyber Insurance, Zoom, and Wi-Fi Monitoring

June 22, 2020. During a time like this, prepare to expect the unexpected. Things like insurance, security, or other additional safety measures which were optional pre-COVID, are now necessary. Here’s the latest news in cybersecurity and digital forensics during COVID-19: Cyber insurance is seen as a necessity now, not luxury If you don’t already know […]