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Why Spam and Robocalls are on the Rise

We’ve all been receiving these types of calls, pre-recorded messages that are relentless, annoying and almost always, downright illegal. It’s become an absolute epidemic. According to North American statistics, spam calls or robocalls are at an all-time high and it only appears to be increasing each and every single month. Just this past October 2019, […]

The Difference Between Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Over the years, we have had many businesses inquire about vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services. Quite often, these business owners, upper-level executives and other important decision-makers, ask for one service when they actually require the other. This confusion is quite common, as many people and even providers in the industry sometimes use both these […]

Canada Post Resets Passwords For All Online Customer Accounts

If you have a Canada Post account or an epost account to manage your bills online, you may have received an automated email from them stating that starting on October 16, 2019, they are resetting all of their customer account passwords. Included in the email will be instructions and guidelines for the account holder to […]