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Why is password cracking a thing?

In other words, why is there a need for password cracking services, at least at the level we’re providing it? For no other reason than because there are no reliable and safe methods to crack an unknown password in a time-efficient manner. Depending on the method you’re using, it can take from a few hours to a couple hundred years.

Naturally, our methods ensure that we will crack almost any password in as little time as possible, a few hours to a few days. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about being charged with illegal access to a device by using our services. TCS Forensics uses a precise methodology similar to the ones the FBI and RCMP. All courts of law will accept evidence that we’ve produced or recovered.

Reasons why you would need a password cracked

Our clients need to know how and when we can help them, so it’s a good idea to go over a few reasons why you would want to have a password cracked. Here are a few:

  • One of your employees (future ex-employee) is blackmailing you and refuses to hand over the password to an important file or company device
  • As a criminal investigator, you come across an obstacle in your investigation, and you require professional password cracking services
  • The ever-so-common situation when someone encrypts a file on your computer with a password, and you need dire access to that file

These are only three cases when our password cracking services would come to the rescue. At TCS Forensics, we provide the highest-grade services in this field, utmost professionalism, and key discretion.

Receive handy advice from our experts

If you’re still in doubt about your necessity for a professional password cracking team, our Digital Forensic Examiners are here to answer all your questions. Contact us at any given them, and we’ll reply within the shortest possible time, detailing your problem and offering relevant assistance.

Your issue might not warrant an extensive password cracking operation, after all. You could solve it much easier, and we’ll shed some light on this burning question. We put our reputation at stake that we will help you crack any password as long as you contact us!

Why would you choose TCS Forensics?

Truth be told, there are other service providers out there that offer password cracking services. Why should you choose us over them?

Is there something in particular that makes us better than our competition?

Sure there is, and not just one thing. Take a look:

  • The proper tools for the job
  • The competence and experience of a team of cyber forensic investigations specialists
  • A golden reputation
  • Legally-admitted methodology in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia
  • Discretion, professionalism, and guarantees of a job well done

TCS Forensics has always played by the book, offering high-quality services to our clients, and making sure the data we provide is in a pristine condition. We’re always here to offer a helping hand!

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Peter German

“I am very familiar with the management and employees of TCS Forensics. In my experience, the forensic examiners are experienced individuals and provide an excellent service to clients. I would certainly use their services in the future.”

Peter M. German, QC, PhD
Deputy Commissioner, RCMP (ret’d)

“I have utilized and recommended TCS Forensics to provide advanced technical support on many files over the years. They are responsive and knowledgeable providers of advanced tech services. They take a methodical, professional approach to their work and provide a thorough investigation report. A high end service which I appreciate.”

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“Quality Preservation of Electronic Evidence – the experienced professionals at TCS are excellent at capturing, preserving, and extracting data. Their work was key to solving complex financial transactions and assisting in the presentation of my forensic accounting evidence. This team produces quality forensic work.”

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