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What are forensic onsite investigations?

Usually, a client would demand forensic onsite investigations when it’s not possible to conduct an investigation in our lab. In this case, the TCS Forensics team is able come to your place for an onsite investigation. This includes the usage of a relevant and sound methodology.

The data we acquire will remain unaltered, in its original form, so that the client receives objective evidence related to the goals of the investigation. Whenever you are in need of professional onsite forensic investigations, the TCS Forensics team is at your service!

Onsite investigation procedures

The process of conducting a forensic investigation onsite implies multiple steps. These steps ensure the relevance, integrity, admissibility, and safe preservation of the data we acquire.

These steps are:

  • Specific data identification and extraction, as well as forensic imaging
  • Conducting data and metadata documentation
  • Real-time extraction of relevant data while the device is operational
  • Chain of custody maintenance that guarantees the data remains both admissible and unaltered in the court of law
  • Employing the correct set of procedures that enables efficient acquisition, verification, and preservation of the evidence

We can provide onsite forensic investigations for multiple requests, including: suspicions of fraud, issues related to insolvency or business recovery, corruption investigations, or data preservation during electronic litigation.

Most importantly, these onsite investigations can be conducted outside the business hours for more discretion and privacy. If you want to perform covert investigations related to some of your employees, for instance, TCS Forensics offers an accessible and efficient way to do that!

Legal application of onsite forensic investigations

Legal professionals might also need our services in acquiring vital evidence to a court case, and that’s where our services truly shine through. Onsite investigations require extreme preparation beforehand, professional rigorousness, attention to details, and the proper methodology to ensure data preservation.

Be it data recovery or evidence extraction, our onsite investigation services will get the job done in the shortest time possible. We emphasize acquiring and preserving the data intact so as to maintain its relevance and value pertaining to the client’s requirements.

By using procedures that are in accordance with the FBI and the RCMP protocols, we ensure the admissibility in the court of law of the evidence we gather. As such, any data we extract will be in accordance with the Canadian, US, UK, and Australian jurisdictions.

Why choose TCS Forensics after all?

Choose TCS Forensics for no other reason than because you trust our reputation. We have solved countless other cases before where we had to identify and acquire sensitive evidence stored on digital devices or on the cloud. We represent the technological and methodological apex in terms of digital forensics!

Onsite investigations represent one of our core services. Clearly, we have enough experience to guarantee efficiency and valuable forensic solutions to your problems. Contact us for more information if you’ve decided to enlist our aid!

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