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How is the Internet of Things important in forensics?

The IoT is the technological make-up of the 21st century – it is present in our lives, and it surrounds us all the time. Think of certain appliances, sensors, smartwatches, and every other gadget that we call “smart”. All of these tools are connected to the internet and they gather data all the time.

You might not even realize that your house is actively gathering information about you on a day-to-day basis. The IoT has skyrocketed in importance lately, given that more and more people are using smart gadgets. Therefore, it has quickly become a vital necessity of our forensic specialists to know their way around IoT appliances.

TCS Forensics employs the latest tools available to discover evidence essential to the court of law. We work entirely within the scope of the law, with methods approved by the FBI and the RCMP!

Internet of Things (IoT) in digital forensics

With the ascension of the IoT on our lives, the science of forensics had to rise to the challenge. This is how digital forensics came to be – the revolutionary solution to bringing valuable, unaltered, and reliable evidence to the court of law.

Among the IoT pathways we investigate, we can mention:

  • Most smart devices (motion sensors, smartwatches, etc)
  • Devices that provide communication pathways between other devices or to external sources (mobile phones and computers are the main actors)
  • Extraneous hardware or software that are outside the scope of the main investigation procedure. This includes social network accounts, cloud files, and internet service providers

We, at TCS Forensics, bring forth the extensive tech knowledge of our forensic specialists, coupled with innovative techniques validated by all courts of law. The evidence we gather from IoT-related gadgets is completely untampered with and exceedingly valuable. Most of all, digital forensics evidence has gained much importance lately, reaching a level where even the smallest bits can incriminate someone.

To make the most of IoT devices, digital forensic experts have to employ various solutions targeting specific information pathways. This includes sensors in homes or cars, wearable gadgets, ISP logs, and so on. Our goal is simple – to dig up the digital breadcrumbs that assist the court of law in reaching an informed and pertinent conclusion.

What makes TCS Forensics valuable?

We are the leading digital forensic solution in a society where smart devices have become increasingly more present in our lives. The IoT is simply the way society has used technology to increase its level of comfort and lifestyle. Such changes led to new ways in which criminals or hackers could ply their trade.

Our services alleviate this societal bleeding by applying FBI-approved forensic techniques in the digital landscape. We infiltrate and access IoT devices seamlessly, to find incriminatory evidence that we provide to our clients in an unaltered form. The necessity for our expertise with the IoT has elevated the value of digital forensics immensely, evidently.

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