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Who’s the most likely to hack your devices?

Believe it or not, your friends or family members are the most likely candidates for the hacking job. After all, they know most your routines, habits, and might even have an idea about the type of passwords you use. To clear all suspicions, we can simply examine your hacked devices and determine whether they’ve been hacked or not.

If they have, we’ll first determine the severity of the problem. For instance, your social media password might have been stolen, and the hacker is impersonating you to further their means. Your banking account might have been cracked using the residual data from a device, which is immensely more dangerous.

These sorts of problems suffer no delay. As soon as you have suspicions that someone might be controlling your device, contact us immediately. We can act before important data is stolen from your hacked devices that way.

Specific things you can do to protect yourself

First and foremost, never use the same password for multiple accounts, no matter how safe you think your device is.  Hackers always find a way to exploit a vulnerability. Moreover, you should use a password manager to store multiple passwords, which you should change regularly.

Secondly, you should use ad-blocking software and the multi-factor authentication feature. Ads often contain malware which lead to a hacking event. As for the multi-factor authentication, it ensures the safety of your account even if your credentials are stolen. Moreover, you should always log out of your email or other accounts on shared computers.

Other things you can do are:

  • Being careful when using public Wi-Fi networks (a piece of advice – don’t use public Wi-Fi networks if possible)
  • Don’t open up suspicious emails or click on any links within
  • Don’t save passwords on shared computers
  • Proceed with caution when accessing IoT devices
  • Don’t rush to open emails from people you don’t know. First check the email address

TCS Forensics is here to offer other recommendations if need be!

Rigorous methodology and cutting-edge forensic tools to check hacked devices

The TCS Forensics team employs a very strict work methodology that even the FBI and RCMP approve of and use themselves. This also ensures that the evidence we gather during an investigation can be presented in the court of law. As a matter of fact, the courts of law in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia find our evidence admissible all the time.

Furthermore, we use the latest technologies in the field of cyber-forensics, such as perfected data extraction & preservation methods to ensure the relevancy of the evidence we collect. If you believe your device was hacked and it was rendered unusable, perhaps we can still salvage important data from it. In this case, only a TCS Forensics specialist can safely extract and preserve that data intact.

Why should you choose TCS Forensics?

When you’re confronted with an issue that you can’t handle, what do you do? You call on the experts so they can provide the best solution to the problem, right?

Indeed, when it comes to hacked devices, TCS Forensics investigators are the foremost experts that can offer relevant security recommendations as well as examine your device for any foreign interference. If your device has been hacked, we will know!

We’ve built our reputation on gaining the confidence of our clients and meeting their promises to the letter! At TCS Forensics, we never leave anything to fate – everything we do happens for a reason, based on a rigorous methodology, and has a definitive conclusion we have most likely foreseen.

We are available 24/7, all year long, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you suspect your device has been hacked!

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