TCS Forensics is experienced in attaining Anton Piller Orders (APO’s) and Production Orders (PO’s), and we have a solid familiarity with the laws that govern their issuance. We have many years of experience in executing both APO’s and PO’s. 

Our expertise in executing APO’s and PO’s and our meticulous, court-approved data extraction and storage protocols ensure that there will be no justifiable objections from opposing counsel.


Objection-Free Evidence Collection

A Digital Forensic Expert’s skills are especially useful in smoothly executing Anton Piller Orders by minimizing disruption to the defendant. We can make digital forensic copies of the requested data rather than seize electronic devices for the duration of the case.  

Independent supervising counsel overseeing the process is less likely to express concerns when we take only imaged data instead of seizing entire electronic devices.

About Anton Piller Orders

In Canada, civil search warrants are called Anton Piller Orders. They are documents that allow for the search of premises and the seizure of evidence from a defendant without giving prior notice. 

In the past, APO’s were very rare. Today, because of the proliferation of digital evidence and the ease with which such evidence can be hidden or destroyed, APO’s are more common.

Both parties involved in litigation must disclose all documents pertinent to a case, with the exception of privileged documents. However, when there is demonstrable risk that evidence is being withheld or could be destroyed, an Anton Piller Order is recommended. 

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