Our Expert Witnesses are Digital Forensic Examiners with industry experience and the skills to meet the testimony requirements of your case. At TCS, we are called upon regularly to testify in the Canadian Judicial System as well as in US State and Federal cases. Our senior examiners have substantial courtroom experience.  

Accessible & Helpful Expertise

Our employees work full-time, so you won’t have any issues with witness availability for specific court dates. Up-to-date, accurate and thorough CV’s are ready to go if needed for exhibit purposes. 

In addition to Expert Testimony, witnesses are available to: 

      • assist counsel in trial preparations. 
      • prepare displays or exhibits for use in court. 
      • write documentation to support exhibits.
      • consult with on subjects related to digital forensics. 


The general public often has only a vague understanding of digital forensics and in the absence of expert testimony, most people would struggle to understand its significance. Expert witness testimony is fundamental to educating and informing juries about digital forensics and its relevance to cases that include digital forensic evidence. 

Professional, Informed & Articulate Testimony

TCS Forensics is the leading digital forensics firm in Western Canada, and we are well-established and respected in the legal community.

Our expert witnesses have the training, certifications and foundational knowledge to qualify as subject matter experts who can competently testify in support of digital forensic evidence.  

We can explain the examination process and findings in a courtroom setting. Aware of the importance of remaining impartial and unbiased, we are skilled at answering questions thoroughly, without drifting beyond the scope of the question. 

 Our Digital Forensic Experts know how to make the obscure digital world accessible to judges, legal professionals, and juries.

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