In an increasingly digital world, digital evidence is now the norm rather than the exception in most legal cases. The legal professionals we work with at TCS Forensics have been counting on us for over 16 years for admissible forensic evidence, backed up by expert testimony.

A Collaborative Approach

Our Digital Forensic Examiners consult directly with you to understand your unique circumstances, so we can help you achieve your compliance goals and more smoothly navigate the preparation of your case.

Our approach to computer forensics is strategic and collaborative — In partnership with you, we share knowledge that is mutually beneficial and develop procedures together that can be leveraged across future cases.

Legal Experience

Our Forensic Examiners have past experience in the following areas:

  • Family – Divorce, Child Custody
  • Privacy – Defamation, Stalking
  • Copyright – Intellectual Property Theft, Plagiarism
  • Employment – Wrongful Dismissal, Harassment
  • Financial – Insurance & Investment Fraud, Identity Theft

Expert, Certified, Professional

Our clients enjoy the confidence of knowing that each case is handled by experienced, certified professionals. We work closely with law firms, corporations, government ministries, municipal governments and businesses of all sizes, including financial institutions.

Our equipment includes software by AccessData and Guidance Software’s EnCase Forensic, pioneers in the field of legal computing and digital forensic investigations. No other forensic equipment has been validated more times in case law, all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

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