When your spouse becomes an adversary, they may act inappropriately or in ways that may even be illegal. When communication breaks down and it appears that your dispute will end up in court, it may be time to gather evidence to support your case.

For over 16 years, TCS Forensics has been helping people resolve their disputes with professional investigative services and reliable evidence collection.

Reliable Evidence

Electronically Stored Information is increasingly a focus in Divorce cases. Discovered evidence can be used to support or refute legal claims including allegations of infidelity, disputed income and spousal/child abuse or neglect.


Electronically stored information can be critical to your case. For example, photos, and audio/video recordings can document specific events to support your claims.  

Some additional sources of information:

  • Web browser history  
  • Social media activity and messaging 
  • Text messages 
  • Downloaded files   
  • Deleted files and emails 
  • IoT

However, this evidence must be handled correctly and collected, analyzed and stored according to strict legal protocols. Even the most damning evidence is useless if it gets thrown out of court. 

TCS Forensics — Expertise You Can Trust

We use specialized equipment to extract data from the recesses of electronic devices. Even in cases where data has been tampered with, intentionally hidden or deleted, TCS can expose information pivotal to proving your case or to reaching a settlement. 

At TCS, much of our work is with legal professionals, and adherence to legal and ethical issues informs our approach. Your privacy is important to us as is your confidentiality.

We can also help in evaluating the admissibility of your spouse’s forensic counter-evidence.


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