When it’s not possible to conduct an investigation in our lab, our digital forensics team is available to come to you for an onsite investigation.

An onsite investigation is useful when the removal of digital devices would be too disruptive. For example, a business with multiple locations, or one that operates internationally, may not have the capacity to shut down their server.

TCS Onsite Services

By creating a forensically secure onsite environment, our digital forensics team can perform their investigative tasks remotely. Their capabilities onsite include:

  • Data acquisition, forensic imaging, and documentation of relevant data and metadata
  • Live acquisition of data while a device is in operation
  • Chain of custody maintenance to safeguard evidence integrity and admissibility
  • Forensically sound methodology in acquiring, verifying and preserving evidence

Onsite investigations are often conducted by companies seeking evidence of employee misconduct in internal investigations and by legal professionals seeking evidence.

Our services are discreet and confidential, and we can conduct investigations covertly outside of regular business hours. Our team is available 24/7.

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