Mobile Device Forensics

Mobile Device Forensics is essentially the application of computer forensic methodology and protocols to mobile devices.

Types of Mobile Device

Some of the devices we commonly examine:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Flash drives
  • GPS devices
  • Digital cameras
  • Game systems

Vast quantities of data are constantly being saved on mobile devices, which makes them particularly useful to Forensic Examiners. Frequently, they contain information not found on computers such as location information from GPS receivers in smartphones. 

Our certified examiners at TCS Forensics use a wide range of forensic tools, including Cellebrite Mobile Forensic equipment, to extract data from over 18,000 different types of mobile devices.  

Mobile Device Data

The following mobile device data can be extracted:

  • Call logs — dialed, incoming & missed calls 
  • Photos/videos & audio recordings 
  • Internet browsing & search history 
  • Emails & text messages 
  • GPS locations, Including date & time 
  • Contacts 
  • Chat Applications such as (WhatsApp, WeChat and FB Messenger)
  • Application data such as usage and install date etc.

Like computers, mobile devices contain data, meta-data, and even deleted data that can often be accessed by our Forensic Experts.

With the continuing evolution of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, people are using them more frequently than desktop computers and laptops. As a result, mobile devices are now more frequently examined for forensic evidence than computers. 

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