When you delete an email, document or file and then empty the Trash or Recycle Bin on the computer, most people assume that what has been deleted is gone forever. However, electronic documents are not so easily disposed of.
In fact, pressing “delete” on a computer, smartphone or other digital devices only erases the digital pathway to the location of the data, but the data itself often remains intact and stored within the electronic device.

Data Recovery for Evidence

Recovering data for use as evidence can be indispensable to lawyers when building a case, and the following can often be recovered:

  • Emails
  • Files
  • Documents
  • Web-based data
  • Cloud-based data 

Our forensic experts can access metadata (or data about data) such as time stamps, email header information, etc. The metadata can be used to authenticate recovered items and help establish timelines for litigation purposes.

Recovery of Deleted Items

Deleted emails, files and documents can often be recovered, even if concerted efforts have been made to erase them intentionally. Oftentimes, data can be forensically extracted, even after deletion, using specialized computer forensics tools. 
Our data recovery experts can recover data long after it is assumed to have been deleted. “Deleted” data can also be retrieved from smartphones, mobile devices, and other digital storage devices. 

A lack of deleted files on a device or hard drive can be a sign of data “wiping”, operating system re-installation or some other method of data concealment. This information can be especially useful as evidence of an attempt to conceal illicit activity.

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