Our Digital Forensic Investigators thoroughly investigate the theft of intellectual property, trade secrets, proprietary data, patents, and trademarks.

We can analyze the following for evidence of data theft:

  • computers
  • mobile devices
  • storage devices
  • the cloud 
  • IoT devices

We have a proven track record helping clients achieve successful legal resolutions. Our Forensic Examiners know where to look and we are highly skilled at finding and extracting the data you are looking for.

TCS Forensics — with you every step of the way

We assist you at every stage of the investigation, during which we:

    1. validate or refute your suspicions of intellectual property theft. 
    2. collaborate with management, owners, CEOs and legal teams. 
    3. determine the extent of the theft. 
    4. assist legal teams with discovery requests.
    5. provide accurate, compelling evidence to encourage an out-of-court settlement. 
    6. deliver expert witness testimony during litigation (if required). 

Intellectual Property Theft, even with the strictest security protocols, is a crime that is almost impossible to prevent. In fact, digital forensic methods are often the only way to conclusively prove that theft has occurred. 

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