Businesses are increasingly collaborating with Digital Forensic Investigators to resolve cases of employee misconduct. IT departments rarely have the expertise to properly preserve digital evidence and, without it, there is often no way to prove misconduct allegations.

The Benefits of Working with Digital Forensic Experts

When HR and a third-party Digital Forensic Examiner work together to establish just cause, it can end up saving the employer thousands of dollars in legal fees.

In our experience, you can usually avoid the expense and hassle of legal action by simply showing the employee in question examples of incriminating digital evidence collected during our investigation.

Another benefit of working with a third-party Forensics Expert is to safeguard against accusations by the employee of data tampering by HR or management. 

Before beginning the investigation, TCS Forensics can assist HR in implementing security protocols to guard against retribution or sabotage by a disgruntled former employee. 

TCS’ Experience with Cases of Employee Misconduct

TCS Forensics has experience with the following: 

  • Intellectual property theft 
  • Workplace sexual harassment  
  • Internal fraud, embezzlement 
  • Employee / Employer disputes
  • Employee time theft 

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