Whenever there is information on a computer that could be relevant in a court of law, a Computer Forensics Investigation is required when retrieving the data. Evidence must be handled correctly by a professional Digital Forensics Expert.

If the evidence is mishandled, it is likely that it will be corrupted, lost or deemed inadmissible.

TCS Forensics’ Expertise

TCS Forensics has experience helping businesses come to successful resolutions in the following cases: 

  • Intellectual property theft 
  • Workplace sexual harassment  
  • Internal fraud, embezzlement 
  • Employee / Employer disputes
  • Employee time theft 

Rigorous Standards & Professional Expertise

TCS’ Certified Digital Forensics Examiners use methodology and standards consistent with those of law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and RCMP. We adhere to strict case management protocols, follow the chain of custody procedures and verify and cross-verify our findings.

The data our Forensics Experts extract is admissible at all levels of the Canadian judicial system, in all US jurisdictions and in Australia and the UK.

Expert, Certified, Professional

Our clients enjoy the confidence of knowing that each case is handled by experienced, certified professionals. We work closely with law firms, corporations, government ministries, municipal governments and businesses of all sizes, including financial institutions. 


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