TCS Forensics is an industry leader in digital forensic investigation, including the analysis and preservation of evidence extracted from computers, laptops, and over 18,000 different mobile devices. 

We meet industry standards at all stages of examination including:

  1. Collection of evidence
  2. Verification that forensic copies are identical to originals 
  3. Preservation of collected evidence 
  4. Analysis of evidence by a qualified Digital Forensics Examiner 
  5. Testimony in support of evidence in a court of law

 Evidence Security

Electronically stored data can be damaged, corrupted or lost entirely if it is handled improperly. Our Digital Forensic Examiners safeguard the integrity of your evidence, keeping it secure and court-admissible. 

The evidence is rigorously protected at all times. Our Forensics Lab & Evidence Room is equipped with a fireproof floor safe, and we maintain a written log documenting the removal and return of all evidence.

Our Forensic Examiners: 

  • maintain a proper & continuing chain-of-custody. 
  • adhere to sound forensic analytic methods.   
  • document each step of the data acquisition process with detailed notes. 

Why Choose TCS Forensics?

TCS Forensics is meticulous in taking care of evidence documentation, storage, security, organization, and retrieval. Our protocols are stringent and meet all court standards.

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