There has been a revolution in the field of Digital Forensics thanks to the increasing use of The Cloud. As data is increasingly stored remotely, forensic investigations are tasked with looking beyond computers and mobile devices for data.

Access Challenges for Cloud Data

Cloud storage has made it possible to store data anywhere in the world. As a result, data can be subject to local, national and even international laws, with associated security and compliance concerns.

Digital Forensics has become more complex with the advent of cloud computing, and traditional forensic data extraction is insufficient when so much online activity today is cloud-based (and encrypted).

A Growing Source of Digital Forensic Data

Despite the challenge of accessing cloud-based data, more and more digital evidence lies beyond physical devices, and there is increasing demand on Digital Forensic Investigators to access data from user profiles hosted in cloud-based applications. 

Advancements in technology, such as Cloud Analyzers, now allow Digital Forensic Investigators to extract, preserve and analyze public domain data, private social media data and other cloud-based content.

The Cloud — How TCS Can Help

For companies using cloud services and cloud storage, TCS can advise you on safeguarding critical data. In the event of a breach, we can provide expert forensic investigations.
We can also retrieve data from the cloud for use as evidence in the preparation of workplace litigation.

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