TCS Forensics Limited continues to be a Recognized Leader in Forensic Services

TCS Forensics is one of Canada’s leading providers of forensic services like Computer Forensic, Mobile Forensic and Cloud Forensic services, in addition to Cyber Security, Malware Detection and Expert Witness Testimony. In this era of Cloud Computing and remote data storage, the preservation of data for forensic purposes can be very complex. In fact, the increasing use of BYOD programs, dark-net and anonymous technologies requires specialized knowledge and strategic planning during a search for electronic evidence. Our clients include Legal Practitioners (Civil & Criminal), Government Agencies, Corporations, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Individuals. At TCS Forensics we provide highly professional, yet personal and confidential forensic services to all our clients.

Digital Forensics

  • Cloud Services Investigations

    Cloud Services Investigations

    There has been a revolution in the field of Digital Forensics thanks to the increasing use of The Cloud. As data is increasingly stored remotely, forensic investigations are tasked with looking beyond computers and mobile devices for data.

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  • Computer Forensics Services

    Computer Forensics

    Whenever there is information on a computer that could be relevant to a case in a court of law, a Computer Forensic Investigation is required when retrieving the data. Evidence must be handled by a professional Digital Forensic Expert.

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  • Data Recovery

    Data Recovery

    When you delete an email, document or file and then empty the Trash or Recycle Bin on the computer, most people assume that what has been deleted is gone forever. However, electronic documents are not so easily disposed of.

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  • Incident Response

    Incident Response

    At TCS Forensics, we are acutely aware of the three burning questions on your mind when a data breach has occurred: “What happened?”, “How did it happen?” and, “Who is responsible?” Our Incident Response Team will help you answer these questions and more.

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  • Internet of Things Forensics

    Internet of Things (IoT) 

    Often referred to as “smart” devices, they come in many different forms such as thermostats, “smart” appliances, wearable fitness trackers, etc. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of digital devices that can send and receive data via the internet.

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  • Mobile Device Forensics

    Mobile Device Forensics

    Vast quantities of data are constantly being saved on mobile devices, which makes them particularly useful to Forensic Examiners. Frequently, they contain information not found on computers such as location information from GPS receivers in smartphones. 

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  • Onsite Investigations

    Onsite Investigations

    An onsite investigation is useful when the removal of digital devices would be too disruptive. For example, a business with multiple locations, or one that operates internationally, may not have the capacity to shut down their server.

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Cyber Security

  • Cyber Forensic Investigations

    Cyber Forensic Investigations

    When forensic computer analysis exposes attempts to tamper with, delete or destroy data, we can search beyond digital devices for the information you are looking for. Our team of forensic experts is trained to find data in sources such as Dropbox, iCloud, and other cloud storage services.

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  • Password Cracking

    Password Cracking For Organizations

    Password Recovery is the retrieval of a lost or forgotten password whereas Password Cracking is the process of identifying an unknown password. Our Digital Forensic Examiners can also give you expert advice on data and password extraction from broken or damaged devices.

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  • Pentest

    Penetration Testing

    TCS Forensics’ Penetration Testing evaluates the strength of your IT infrastructure by attempting to exploit weaknesses in your security system. Essentially we attempt to hack your system and thereby identify deficiencies.

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  • Threat Prevention

    Threat Prevention, Detection & Reporting

    If you are reading this webpage, you are vulnerable to being hacked and the security of your confidential information is at risk. This is true for everyone online. In fact, if you are like most people, the security of your electronic devices has already been breached.

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  • Vulnerability Assessment

    Vulnerability Assessment

    Every day it seems there is another story in the news about breaches in security, and organizations are increasingly concerned with protecting their network security and information systems. The average cost to Canadian companies of a data breach was $6.11 million in 2018.

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Mandatory Breach Reporting

  • Breach Reporting

    Mandatory Breach Reporting

    As of November 1, 2018, domestic and foreign organizations operating in Canada are required by law to provide notice of certain privacy breaches. At TCS Forensics, we offer free consultations, and we can answer any questions you may have about your organization’s security.

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