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Digital forensic is an emerging field and people might not be aware of some of the key aspects about it. In the court of law, however, a lack of knowledge with the key topic is heavily detrimental to the overall case.

Henceforth, we provide expert testimonies from examiners with ample expertise in digital forensic investigations. Our clients regularly make use of our services in the Canadian Judicial System, US, and Federal cases alike.

Needless to say, besides the deep intimacy with the subject matter of forensic investigations, our examiners are also well-versed in the proper etiquette, behavior, and vocabulary necessary in the court of law. You are dealing with professionals for whom witness testimony is taken to an absolute peak!

Constant witness availability for on-the-fly cases

Our expert witnesses are always available to provide an accurate and perfected testimony in the court of law. You simply have to contact us, give us a detailed rundown of the case, and we’ll pick the ideal person to represent your best interests. Evidently, we can accommodate specific court dates as well.

If you need any personal information for exhibit purposes, our examiners all have professional, up-to-date, and accurate CVs ready to be sent to you. In essence, we can provide the following services through our expert witnesses:

  • Accurate and accessible documentation to support a case exhibit
  • Assistance with the trial preparations by offering expert counsel
  • Assistance with the exhibit or display preparation for the court of law
  • Provision of expert consultation on any topic related to digital forensics

The significance of digital forensics in the court of law shouldn’t be overlooked simply because the jury doesn’t completely understand the topic enough. That’s why our examiners are there to clarify, go into more details, and exemplify the technicalities of digital forensics.

Certified digital forensics firm

You won’t find a more professional digital forensics firm anywhere in Western Canada. We have built a spotless reputation through the quality of our services, the professionalism of our employees, and the guaranteed reliability of our methodology (both the FBI and RCMP use the same methodology). You can be sure our expert testimonies will be admitted in the court of law and provide unmatched assistance in winning your case.

Our examiners are completely at ease in a court of law, having represent many clients on various cases before. They are in full control of the subject matter, and they’ll provide concise, impartial, and relevant answers when questioned. What matters most is that the field of digital forensics and the relevance of related evidence are fully understood and given the required importance. That’s what our expert witness examiners are here to do!

Why choose TCS Forensics?

You should choose TCS Forensics for no other reason than because you want the best to work for you. Winning the case is vital to our clients, and that’s why they call on us – because they’re completely confident in our abilities as professional witnesses. We have proven time and time again that our examiners are informed, articulate, and professional above all else.

The field of digital forensics hold no more secrets to us, so we can oversimplify it enough so that anyone in a court of law understands the details completely. We will, of course, focus on the most relevant points in a given case, an ability that we’ve honed through countless testimonies in the courts of law all over the country. Choosing TCS Forensics means you’re determined to not overlook any potential mishap or misunderstanding in the court of law.

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Peter German

“I am very familiar with the management and employees of TCS Forensics. In my experience, the forensic examiners are experienced individuals and provide an excellent service to clients. I would certainly use their services in the future.”

Peter M. German, QC, PhD
Deputy Commissioner, RCMP (ret’d)

“I have utilized and recommended TCS Forensics to provide advanced technical support on many files over the years. They are responsive and knowledgeable providers of advanced tech services. They take a methodical, professional approach to their work and provide a thorough investigation report. A high end service which I appreciate.”

Scot Filer, CEO
Lions Gate Risk Management Group


“Quality Preservation of Electronic Evidence – the experienced professionals at TCS are excellent at capturing, preserving, and extracting data. Their work was key to solving complex financial transactions and assisting in the presentation of my forensic accounting evidence. This team produces quality forensic work.”

Malysh Associates
Investigative & Forensic Accounting

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