Mobile Forensics

Effectively Recover
Data & Evidence

With an increase in mobile phone usage, computer forensic methodology and protocols have evolved to fit the palm of your hand too! We offer mobile forensics Vancouver can count on. With vast amounts of data, including call logs and location information, they can be a treasure trove of evidence. Our experts help you unearth data from smartphones, flash drives, tablets, game systems, digital cameras, and GPS devices.


Why TCS Is The Solution

Mobile Forensics is the vital partnership between computer science and the elements of law. It acquires important and relevant evidence, found and retrieved from computer systems, storage devices, networks and any wireless communications through logical extraction mobile forensics by our forensic computer consultants.

Difficult File Recovery

Recover files that could be helpful to win your case in a court of law. Mobile Forensics also exposes attempts to tamper with, delete, or destroy files.

Law Office Services at TCS Forensics

Data Breaches

Despite your best efforts and strictest security protocols, the best solution is to have us protect your employees’ mobile devices from invasive data breaches that could jeopardize your organization.

General Case Support

You can use data extracted from mobile devices in a court of law. Our forensic experts can access a mobile device’s data, meta-data, and deleted data to support your case.

The TCS Advantage

Being Forensics Experts Vancouver can count on, our staff can examine all types of computing and mobile devices, digital storage media, and electronic documents to gather eye-opening evidence. We stay up to date with all legal and legislative parameters. We are prepared and qualified to handle unexpected issues. The Certified Digital Forensic Examiners at TCS Forensics use methodology, standards, and tools consistent with those of law enforcement agencies such as the RCMP and FBI.

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Law Firms

Achieve successful legal resolutions for your clients with our insightful forensic reports, admissible forensic evidence, all backed up by expert testimony.



From cyberbullying & defamation to password & data recovery, we can expose information pivotal to proving your case or to reach a settlement.



Whether your organization needs to resolve employee misconduct cases, data breaches, or intellectual property theft, our experts provide the best, industry-standard service to remedy these complex crimes.