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Before diving into the science and practicality of Digital Forensics, let’s first define the meaning of forensics. The word forensics simply means using proven scientific methods to collect, analyze and deliver relevant data to a case in a court of law.

So then, how can we define Digital Forensics?

The science and process of Digital Forensics is the expert of identification, extraction, analysis of data, validation and documentation of evidence found on any digital device which can be and would be used in a court of law.

TCS Forensics is a Premium Provider of these services.


Just as every investigation we can think of, Digital Forensics also has its own investigative process in order to ensure accurate and valid results. It is vital for the acquired data to be and remain unaltered, in its original form, so that the client (you) receives objective evidence related to the investigation.

The commandeering and identification is the very first step in the investigative process of Digital Forensics. First and foremost, the physical assets need to be confiscated by warrant of legal right in order to identify the evidence.

After the evidence within the device in question has been located, and it has been identified what the evidence is, where and how it is stored, the data is being secured. This step is highly crucial, because in preserving the data, everyone is prevented from having access to the device under investigation. This is highly important in order to ensure that the evidence is not tampered with in any way, neither intentionally nor accidentally.

And of course, the phase where all the magic happens, the analysis. This is where the proven scientific method is being used to discover, identify, extract and analyze the data relevant as evidence.

The Digital Forensic Software we use ensures that, through our analysis the data we extract and then deliver, is accurate, unbiased, authentic, and it plays a vital role as strong evidence in a court of law.

Now comes the final phase, the reporting or presentation. This is the step that makes it all complete. The final and expert report, which includes all the evidence in relation to the case and relevant to the ongoing investigation, is being presented and delivered.


TCS’ Certified Digital Forensic Examiners use methodology and standards consistent with those of law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and RCMP.

We adhere to strict case management protocols, follow chain of custody procedures and verify and cross-verify our findings.

Not one person, and not one service can fully and truly succeed without a proper level of readiness. We prioritize in making sure that our team members all obtain the appropriate and necessary training, being equipped and qualified in the latest and most innovative computer forensic research.

  • We stay up to date with all legal and legislative parameters.
  • We are prepared and qualified to handle unexpected issues.

Our state-of-the-art Digital Forensic Software makes finding data easier, while ensuring integrity and authenticity of the evidence found.

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Cloud Services Investigations

Cloud Services Investigations

There is no denying that society en large has significantly increased their usage of digital devices and cloud computing, subsequently making Digital Forensics a crucial need in finding and identifying data beyond computers and mobile devices.

Computer Forensics Services

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics is the vital partnership between computer science and the elements of law. It acquires important and relevant evidence, found and retrieved from computer systems, storage devices, networks and any wireless communications.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Data Recovery delivers reliable data from damaged evidence sources. It retrieves data that has been unintentionally (or maybe intentionally) corrupted, encrypted or hidden. Even the deleted data can still be retrieved.

Incident Response

Incident Response

At TCS Forensics, we focus on efficiency and instant reaction times when an online business becomes a victim of a cyberattack. We remedy any security breach, internal or external, by incorporating methods which yield successful results.

Internet of Things Forensics

Internet of Things (IoT)

You know the smart devices you have in your home? The different appliances, fitness trackers and all the “smart” gadgets – these are all connected to the web and actively gather information about you. ALL THE TIME.

Mobile Device Forensics

Mobile Device Forensics

The use of mobile devices runs on a high increase, representing a growing risk factor to an organization’s security profile. Vast quantities of data are constantly being saved on mobile devices containing valuable data.

Onsite Investigations

Onsite Investigations

When and if the extraction of a digital device would compromise the evidence, an onsite investigation is needed to ensure that the data remains unaltered, so that the client receives objective evidence within the investigation.

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