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The spread of online defamation & slander

With the emergence of the internet and the online environment, we also got the illusion of anonymity and privacy. However, that’s arguable not true in many cases. If your identity has been forcefully brought into the limelight and you were publicly slandered, you can apply for legal recourse. Defamation & slander can be very serious for anyone effected by it.

In this case, TCS Forensics can provide vital assistance in building a case. We have access to cutting-edge forensic analysis techniques and data extraction tools that are essential to get relevant evidence. We will even access the Dark Web to go beyond the “Google Intelligence” algorithms, for a broader perspective on things.

Whoever defamed or slandered you has a real-world identity, despite attempts to hide it behind online algorithms. We can find out who that person is by using legal means. What happens next is quite simple – you begin the legal recourse and demand that the offender be brought to justice.

Online communication & defamation law

The defamation law states that no one should knowingly spread false information about a person that would discredit or hurt one’s reputation in public. Slander refers to approximately the same thing – online utterances that bring offence to someone’s integrity, defamations in other words.

Online communication isn’t exempt from these defamation laws, and so if someone willfully slanders or offends you in a way that is considered defamatory, you can obtain justice. Not even the anonymity behind the internet can protect the offender from falling under the influence of the defamation law.

Online defamation & slander often comes in two forms:

  • Cyber-libel – refers to a written utterance (can appear on social media, bulletin boards, articles, blog posts, social networking sites)
  • Cyber-slander – when the utterance is spoken (often appears on Skype or other conferencing platforms)

If you’ve fallen victim to either cyber-libel or cyber-slander, contact us immediately!

Common and legal resolution for defamation & slander

More often than not, the TCS Forensics team can help you reach a more peaceful resolution with the offender. By discovering the perpetrator’s identity and bringing it to their attention, you might easily put a stop to the cyber-libel or slander. If they refuse to stop defaming you, legal recourse is required.

If this is a more malicious case of ill intent, we can start investigating and gathering electronic data. Then, we’ll organize it into a coherent form that a lawyer or law enforcement agency can use to defend your rights. Either way, you’ll get to see the cyber-slander finally stop and the assailant brought to justice.

TCS Forensics – excellence and professionalism

We, at TCS Forensics, never downplay the importance of a client’s troubles or the risk associated with them. If you’re dealing with online defamation, our forensic investigators will do their best to find out the offender’s real-word identity, if the defamation was made anonymously.

Our data extraction and preservation methodology as well as work protocols are entirely legal, since even the FBI and RCMP share most of our core tenets. Everything we do falls under the authority of the law, and the courts of law in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia find our evidence admissible all the time.

We are always available to answer questions or recommend you a course of action if you’re plagued by wanton acts of online defamation and slander. Let us assist you in bringing the offender face to face with the defamation law, and stop all the negative attention directed to you to a stop.

Our team can respond to all queries 24/7, 365 days a year, so don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as you need us!

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