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The word forensics simply means using proven scientific methods to collect, analyze and deliver relevant data to a case in a court of law. What Computer Forensics means is similar to the above description, however its expertise and definition is tailored to a specific field.

Computer Forensics is the fundamental and vital partnership between the computer scientist, that acquires and provides important and authentic evidence, and the elements of the law that need the evidence that can be found, retrieved and exposed from computer systems, storage devices, networks and any wireless communications.

TCS Forensics is a Premium Provider of Computer Forensics Services.


Whenever there is information on a computer that could be relevant to a case in a court of law, computer forensics services are required when retrieving the data. Evidence must be handled correctly by a professional Digital Forensic Expert using standardized industry protocols. If evidence is mishandled, it is likely that it will be tainted, lost or deemed inadmissible in a court of law.

Our Forensic Examiners extract the following kinds of data for use as evidence:

  • Websites visited & files downloaded 
  • Time/date of internet access 
  • Communications via text, e-mail, social media
  • Deleted files  

Forensic Evidence contains both data and meta-data (data about data). Meta-data reveals more details than data alone, such as file creation date, modification date, and author.

Computer Forensics also exposes attempts to tamper with, delete or destroy electronic files. Alterations to digital data leave evidence, just like fingerprints do, that can be collected and may prove crucial to a case.

Computer Forensics is an undeniable cornerstone to any business, corporation and law enforcement agency.


There is a very sturdy structure in place behind the easy-looking find, retrieve and deliver forensic evidence process to ensure the level of professionalism, accuracy, reliability and quality of this service.

Some may call these steps, others call it stages, but we like to define them as the six structural levels. Each of these levels is equally vital in ensuring quality and reliability in the results we provide through our services. Each of these levels pertains the underlying fact that they are all indispensable.


Not one person, and not one service can fully and truly succeed without a proper level of readiness. We prioritize in making sure that our team members all obtain the appropriate and necessary training, being equipped and qualified in the latest and most innovative computer forensic research.

  • We stay up to date with all legal and legislative parameters.
  • We are prepared and qualified to handle unexpected issues.

Our state-of-the-art Digital Forensic Software makes finding data easier.


This is the level where the instructions regarding the specific case are being defined. After the instructions have been clarified (this is so that any misunderstanding may be ruled out for an accurate and efficient investigation), an analysis is being carried out throughout which the necessary roles and resources are being distributed.


Before the literal collection of the data can take place, the devices, which may store the evidence, need to be identified and secured. Just as in any other investigative circumstances, all the items (in this case devices) need to be securely packaged in the way that the evidence is not tainted nor tempered with, and transported to the Laboratory Facility, where the necessary examinations are being carried out.


This is where the magic happens. This is where proven scientific method is being used to discover, identify, extract and analyze the data relevant as evidence.

The Digital Forensic Software we use ensures that, through our analysis the data we extract and then deliver, is accurate, unbiased, authentic, and it plays a vital role is as strong evidence in a court of law.


This is the moment the customers eagerly await- the revealing moment aka the time of truth. The final and expert report, which includes all the evidence in relation to the case and relevant to the ongoing investigation, is being presented and delivered.

In conclusion, computer forensics are a total game-changer!

It provides services and results that you simply can’t afford to be without.


TCS’ Certified Digital Forensic Examiners use methodology and standards consistent with those of law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and RCMP.

We adhere to strict case management protocols, follow chain of custody procedures and verify and cross-verify our findings.

The data our Forensic Experts extract from computer systems is admissible at all levels of the Canadian judicial system, in all US jurisdictions, and in Australia and the UK.

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Peter German

“I am very familiar with the management and employees of TCS Forensics. In my experience, the forensic examiners are experienced individuals and provide an excellent service to clients. I would certainly use their services in the future.”

Peter M. German, QC, PhD
Deputy Commissioner, RCMP (ret’d)


“I have utilized and recommended TCS Forensics to provide advanced technical support on many files over the years. They are responsive and knowledgeable providers of advanced tech services. They take a methodical, professional approach to their work and provide a thorough investigation report. A high end service which I appreciate.”

Scot Filer, CEO
Lions Gate Risk Management Group


“Quality Preservation of Electronic Evidence – the experienced professionals at TCS are excellent at capturing, preserving, and extracting data. Their work was key to solving complex financial transactions and assisting in the presentation of my forensic accounting evidence. This team produces quality forensic work.”

Malysh Associates
Investigative & Forensic Accounting

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