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Challenge posed by Cloud services

There’s nothing new about the emergence of cloud as a completely innovative and efficient computing solution. It enables the user to deploy or modify a service’s infrastructure on the fly, as well as have instant access to the relevant resources. However, this also poses incredible challenges to forensic specialists.

Here are just a few of them:

  • A cloud customer might not possess complete data access relevant to the purpose of a forensic investigation
  • A cloud customer might not be able to access log files
  • The lack of a relevant agreement between the customer and the cloud services provider related to a possible forensic investigation
  • The data under investigation is broken up into little bits of metadata, making the reconstruction very difficult
  • Data recovery rendered difficult due to the deletion of the data, especially if the data was stored in different locations

TCS Forensics has found innovative solutions to these issues – our cloud service investigations services are matchless in the industry. Call on us whenever you need high-quality digital forensic services!

How do we conduct Cloud forensics & clous services investigations?

Cloud forensics bears the justified reputation as the foremost method of acquiring and interpreting digital data from cloud environments. It is essential toward the safe acquisition and maintenance of the aforementioned data until it is provided to the client in an unaltered form.

TCS Forensics has become a much-needed support for the courts of law and various clients with cloud-related problems. For instance, we can recover any data on your computer or laptop from the cloud, if the data was stored on it. This way, we could pool together our resources to recover essential files or critical data.

Different cloud services

Cloud services are split into three categories: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Depending on the specific cloud service, a customer possesses varying degrees of access to personal data stored on the cloud. In an impending forensic investigation, these differences mark the level of difficulty in extracting relevant evidence to be used in the court of law.

All things considered, we have successfully served many clients and courts of law using the latest cloud forensic technologies available. Our techniques have been approved by the FBI and the RCMP. We always reverify our findings and follow essential management protocols.

By abiding to these professional principles, we ensure the quality of our cloud forensics services. Moreover, the client must become aware of our chances at recovering any lost data, depending on the specific circumstances related to the case.

Why is TCS Forensics the ideal choice?

Without overpraising our services too much, we’re still going to say that digital forensics is our main area of expertise. This means that our specialists are extensively trained to pinpoint, extract, and safely maintain the data in its original form. We will deliver the evidence to the court of law using agreed-upon techniques, so that the evidence is unequivocally accepted by the judge.

We possess both the knowledge and the skills to identify and acquire the most valuable data from a cloud system. We work with individuals, companies, associations, and various courts of law in this regard. Whether you need essential files recovered or incriminatory evidence stored on the cloud, we spearhead the most efficient cloud services investigations out there!

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