Our team of Digital Forensic Examiners has a proven track record in helping to achieve successful legal resolutions for our clients. We know where to look to find the “digital fingerprints” that lead to prosecution, and we are highly skilled at finding and extracting data that’s indispensable to your case.

In cooperation with IT staff, authorities and legal counsel, we fully investigate the theft of trade secrets and confidential data. We can analyze data from computers, mobile devices, other electronic storage devices, Mac, Windows and non-Microsoft server systems.

TCS Forensics – with you every step of the way

We assist you at every stage of the investigation, during which we:

  • validate or refute suspicions of intellectual property theft
  • collaborate with IT staff, legal teams and regulators
  • determine the extent of the theft
  • assist with discovery requests
  • provide reliable court-admissible evidence
  • deliver expert witness testimony during litigation

Intellectual Property Theft is almost impossible to prevent, even with the best security protocols in place. In fact, computer forensics is often the only way to conclusively prove that a theft has occurred.

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