The embrace of social media has fostered a corresponding increase in the amount of data about people available online. As a result, personal information on social media sites has become a valuable commodity for a variety of business purposes.

Social Media & Digital Forensic Data Collection

Social media data can be an invaluable resource for business owners and human resources personnel. For instance, information extracted from social media can be used to conduct background checks on potential hires and gather evidence of employee misconduct for internal investigations. 

TCS Forensics can gather information based on your unique requirements including comprehensive profiles of individuals, companies and organizations.

An Untapped Source of Evidence

Social media platforms contain vast quantities of data, including information such as display photos that include location information with date and time data that can confirm or refute an individual’s location.

Even though social media is a treasure trove of information, the data is often untapped because cloud-based data can be difficult to access. In fact, data in the cloud can be stored anywhere in the world — determining exactly where can be a challenge.  

Jurisdictional Challenges & How We Can Help 

Data that is unconstrained by traditional geographic boundaries can be subject to local, national and even international laws. Laws vary by jurisdiction and it can be difficult to decipher precisely where the data is stored to comply with privacy laws.

At TCS, we have experience with these jurisdictional challenges, and we can ensure that laws are respected so that the data you are seeking is obtained legally. 

When data cannot be legally extracted from social media sources, we can conduct an online open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigation to mine other data sources. 

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