TCS Forensics is one of Canada’s leading providers of corporate forensic services including Digital Forensic Investigations, Social Media Investigations, Intellectual Property Theft, Data Breach, Employee Investigations, and Data Preservation, Cloud Service Investigations, Data Recovery

  • Cloud Services Investigations

    Cloud Services Investigations

    There has been a revolution in the field of Digital Forensics thanks to the increasing use of The Cloud. As data is increasingly stored remotely, forensic investigations are tasked with looking beyond computers and mobile devices for data. 

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  • Data Breach

    Data Breach

    TCS Forensics is acutely aware that there are likely three burning questions on your mind when a data breach has occurred: “What happened?”, “How did it happen?” and, “Who is responsible?” Our Incident Response Team will help you answer these questions and more.

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  • Data Preservation

    Data Preservation

    TCS Forensics is an industry leader in digital forensic investigation, including the analysis and preservation of evidence extracted from computers, laptops, and over 18,000 different mobile devices. We meet industry standards at all stages of examination.

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  • Data Recovery

    Data Recovery

    When you delete an email, document or file and then empty the Trash or Recycle Bin on the computer, most people assume that what has been deleted is gone forever. However, electronic documents are not so easily disposed of.  

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  • Digital Forensic Investigations for Corporations

    Digital Forensics Investigations for Corporations

    Whenever there is information on a computer that could be relevant in a court of law, a Computer Forensics Investigation is required when retrieving the data. Evidence must be handled by a Digital Forensics Expert.

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  • Employee Investigations

    Employee Investigations 

    Businesses are increasingly collaborating with Digital Forensic Investigators to resolve cases of employee misconduct. IT departments rarely have the expertise to properly preserve digital evidence and, without it, there is often no way to prove misconduct allegations.

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  • Intellectual Property Theft

    Intellectual Property Theft

    Our Digital Forensic Investigators thoroughly investigate the theft of intellectual property, trade secrets, proprietary data, patents, and trademarks. Intellectual Property Theft, even with the strictest security protocols, is a crime that is almost impossible to prevent.

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  • Social Media Investigations

    Social Media Investigations

    The embrace of social media has fostered a corresponding increase in the amount of data about people available online. As a result, personal information on social media sites has become a valuable commodity for a variety of business purposes.

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