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July 30, 2021
Written by Farah

How to make careers in cybersecurity more accessible for women

Cheryl McGrath, VP and Canadian General Manager for Optiv, spoke with journalist Pragya Sehgal about the opportunities for women in cybersecurity.

She touched on a few points outlined below:

Taking the Stairs

McGrath stated that there is 'no elevator to success', and people have to take the stairs. She wants people to encourage girls and young women to learn about technology for an early age and get them interested in cybersecurity to get them on those initial stair steps.

Removing Barriers

Women face many barriers and in a male-dominated industry like cybersecurity, removing those barriers are important. McGrath said people should have role models and mentors in the field. People of the same gender or background who you aspire to be like. She encouraged both men and women to spend time with young people in security-related activities, like coding classes and hackathons.

A Corporate Focus

McGrath encouraged a focus on corporate culture and initiatives like 'women's networks or clubs' that have positive impacts, ensures diversity and inclusivity in the company. She was pleased to report that 25 per cent of Optiv’s team members are now women and in Canada, up to 40 per cent of leadership team members are women – numbers that reflect what she described as a corporate focus. The focus is shifting to hiring and retaining women talent.

Companies should create that environment where women have the tools and support to succeed in their jobs.

Is cloud is the best deployment solution?

Instead of an on-site server, cloud offers the benefit of being from anywhere with the same product and experience.

Cloud deployment is seamless and efficient.

Cloud allows the technical details of a physical server to be deployed remotely which makes the job easier for the company and third parties that set it up. Onboarding time can also be reduced from weeks to days. Instead of a team coming in to physically install the servers, cloud makes the job easier and efficient.

Cloud-based access management is cost effective over the long term.

Using cloud can also save the company money because it reduces process and access times. Updates or maintenance of the cloud can also be done remotely.

Cloud deployment limits the burden on your IT staff.

Many companies have limited IT staff or none at all. Having cloud deployment allows full management by a third party vendor which can lighten the load on your staff.

Cloud-based access management delivers the same parity and security as on-premise servers.

Cloud is just as secure as physical servers nowadays. It offers the same features, functionality, with easier and faster support and usage.

The cloud allows security companies to onboard vendors faster and easier, while giving good products and experiences.

Ransomware attacks: How to protect against real-life data hostage threats

1. Back up your data regularly

  • Maintain at least three copies of your data,
  • on two different types of media,
  • storing one backup offsite (different location)

2. Update your copies over different time periods

3. Use cloud storage

  • cloud makes backups easier and less expensive
  • even for cloud, have security measures in place

4. Contact software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors

  1. ask about how to back up data that’s stored on their platforms.
  2. Ransomware can easily spread to data stored in third-party solutions, too