The Cyber Review: water facility hacked, women in cybersecurity

March 9, 2021
Written by Farah

1. How Critical Infrastructure Operators Can Better Apply Cybersecurity Practices

Sometimes we forget cybersecurity issues are not only related to laptops, computers, or phones. Anything that can be connected to the internet is connected (IoT) and can be hacked, even a system of water treatment facility for example.

The water treatment facility that was hacked was in Florida where proper cybersecurity measures were not put in place. Proper measures need to be applied especially for critical infrastructure like water and energy that impacts people directly.

Cyber criminals used the weak cybersecurity measures such as passwords and outdated systems to hack into the computer to access the system.

“Not all areas of the world have access to fresh, clean water,” says Damon Small, a cybersecurity expert at consulting firm NCC Group.

“So we’re very fortunate to have that. And if you interrupt access to that, or make it poisonous, bad things can happen. It’s an easy way for a terrorist to inflict maximum impact upon a population of people.”

2. Vodafone Calls for New Cybersecurity Policies to Help SMEs

Telecommunications company, Vodafone, calls for new cybersecurity policies to help small businesses recover from the impact of COVID-19. Since small businesses don’t have the same financial capacity to hire an IT or cybersecurity team, or put adequate measures, Vodafone proposed that the value-added tax (VAT) on cybersecurity products should be reduced to 5% so that small and medium-sized businesses can purchase adequate cybersecurity.

3. 49% of female cybersecurity pros say the pandemic had a positive impact on their career

Although many industries faced a shortage of staff, funds, and jobs, a survey by Tessian found that 49% of female cybersecurity experts found the pandemic had a positive impact on their careers and 89% of women in cybersecurity feel secure in their jobs. Cybersecurity is an industry that still needs to bridge the gender gap and encourage more women to join the field, but the stats from the survey show the industry is slowly getting there.

“The women in our report have spoken; cybersecurity is an industry to build a thriving career, even in a global pandemic, and the younger generation recognizes that it’s important. So now, we need to show more women and girls how they can explore the opportunities available to them,” said Sabrina Castiglione, Chief Financial Officer and Acting Head of Talent, Tessian.