The Cyber Review: Tips from an Expert, Pros of Digital Forensics

January 25, 2021
Written by Farah

1. Advantages of Digital Forensics on Cybersecurity

Digital forensics and cybersecurity go hand in hand considering the details that digital forensics finds is used by cybersecurity experts. The benefits of using digital forensics on cybersecurity:

  • Prevents hackers: the information provided by digital forensics helps prevent build technologies that reduces the chances of hackers attacking.
  • Prevents viruses: Antivirus softwares are one of the ways how digital forensics helped cybersecurity. By figuring out how viruses get through to systems via emails or files, the digital forensics evidence helps detect the files coming in and protect the device.
  • Recover deleted data: Digital forensics has the tools to be able to recover deleted data which is crucial in cyber investigations, thus by finding data, you can then move forward with cybersecurity techniques.

2. Cybersecurity Startup Raises $2.25M to Help Prevent Data Breaches

SpiderSilk, a dubai based startup, has raised $2.25M. The startup has discovered some the biggest data breaches in the past two years. SpiderSilk uses a scanner to map out the company’s assets and vulnerabilities which helps the company understand the attack surface. In addition, it stimulates cyberattacks to help them better understand the picture.

“The attack surface management and threat detection platform we built scans the open internet on a continuous basis in order to attribute all publicly accessible assets back to organizations that could be affected by them, either directly or indirectly,” SpiderSilk’s co-founder and chief executive Rami El Malak.

3. Cybersecurity tips from an Ottawa expert

Ottawa cybersecurity expert, John Robinson, shares tips to protect yourself and business from spam:

  • Never reply to spam emails
  • Never click spam links, files, or media
  • Avoid unsubscribe buttons unless you are familiar with the sender
  • Don’t click on the Facebook messages that say “Look! I can’t believe this is you”
  • Simply reply and say “You got hacked”
  • Create a specific email for account sign-ups, retail, and consumer content