The Cyber Review: SolarWinds Attack, Pillars of Cybersecurity

February 20, 2021
Written by Farah

1. Combining Three Pillars Of Cybersecurity

As the cybersecurity landscape increases at risk by the day, there are three pillars that are put forward to help manage the risks.

  • Security by design: this is the initiation point that ensures monitoring, management, and maintenance of the system. This ensures new cybersecurity risks are prioritized and dealt with, with the continuous check ups overall.
  • Defense in depth: a security principle that’s important to cloud services, industrial control systems, and storehouses of sensitive data (to list a few) and there are many layers of security.
  • Zero trust: this is about having a set of cybersecurity paradigms that assumes no trust granted to assets or users based on connections. Having authentication and authorization are important to protect resources.

2. SolarWinds breach fuels calls for U.S. action on cybersecurity

An attack on the SolarWinds software used by the U.S. government has officials scrambling to protect the government and corporate secrets from Russia.

“It’s really highlighted the investments we need to make in cybersecurity to have the visibility to block these attacks in the future,” Anne Neuberger, the newly appointed deputy national security adviser for cyber and emergency technology said Wednesday at a White House briefing.

Following the incident, there is likely going to be an increase in spending on cybersecurity to protect the resources and create new defences.

3. The future of cybersecurity will be about ‘fighting fire with fire’

As defenders develop new tools and techniques such as AI to ward off hackers, the hackers too are in the race to develop malware to exploit the defenders. To tackle the fast moving world of cyber threats and attacks, some cyber firms are using AI to detect and mitigate.