The Cyber Review: PDSB Incident, Maritime Cybersecurity Centre, GrayKey

February 1, 2021
Written by Farah

1. Police investigating Peel District School Board cybersecurity ‘incident’

The Peel District School Board (PDSB) in Ontario faced an incident last week where some files and systems were encrypted. The support services team at the school board immediately took steps it stop the incident and  worked with a cybersecurity firm as well as Peel Police Cyber Security Services to start an investigation.

As of now, no personal or confidential information has been compromised. The incident led to an outage which impacted the website and online learning for students when it first happened. Students and families were notified right away.

2. New maritime cybersecurity centre to fight pirates on the high seas and the digital world

Canada’s Maritime Cyber Security Centre of Excellence is starting a five year research project for critical maritime infrastructures. Ship components such as motors and navigation systems are essential parts which are connected to the internet to resolve issues on board. But remember, anything that things that are connected to the internet have a risk of being hacked by cybercriminals.

The goal of the research team is to come up with unique solutions to the cybersecurity problems captains and crew could face at sea.

3. This Powerful iPhone Hacking Tool Can Now Break Into Samsung Androids

Grayshift, an American start-up, has created a tool called “GrayKey” which is a hacking tool that breaks into iPhone and Androids. The company is now working with law enforcement to break into heavily encrypted smartphones. The annual license for the tool starts at $10,000.

“Legacy digital forensic investigations tools often fail to support the latest mobile devices and can require weeks if not months to access and extract digital evidence. Law enforcement agencies need solutions like GrayKey that can lawfully and quickly access digital evidence to accelerate criminal investigations and reduce the backlog of mobile devices sitting in evidence,” said David Miles, co-founder and CEO of Grayshift.