The Cyber Review: B.C. Government Cybersecurity, Human Error Wipes 1000s of Records

January 19, 2021
Written by Farah

1. UK says ‘human error’ wiped 1000s of police computer records

A recent human error led to hundreds of thousands of DNA records and data of criminal suspects being erased in Britain. This happened during regular housekeeping procedures on the computer and no back up in place. The policing minister said they are trying to recover the data but it can’t be guaranteed that criminal investigations won’t be impacted.

An example of why it is so important to have back ups!

2. B.C. government lax on cybersecurity practices to protect IT assets, auditor reports

British Columbia’s auditor general said the province has not been doing enough to protect its information technology from cyber attackers. The audit found that the ministries of finance, health and natural resources and much of the Ministry of Citizens’ Services did not have adequate cybersecurity practices to manage its IT assets. The 7 recommendations he made have been accepted by the B.C. government.

3. Cybersecurity Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

  • Social media threats are expected to rise: We often forget about social media, but almost every business these days is active on there. Most social platforms have poor authentication and little verification thus making it easier for a hacker to attack.
  • Senior employees are at an increased risk of attacks: Senior employees who are in positions of power and authority and sign off on payments, or confidential information are vulnerable. Attackers can focus on single work stations rather than the company’s entire IT network.
  • Automations becoming a cyber threat: In order to reduce the costs for remote workers, companies have applied hyper automation to many processes. Attackers will look at the patterns and find weak spots to attack.