Space-X YouTube Scam | Dell Devices At Risk | The Cyber Review

June 25, 2021
Written by Farah

Space-X themed Youtube scam takes over a million dollars from watchers

Watchers on YouTube have been getting swindled out of their money after a convincing scam using purchased ads on the site has been using crypto-currency as a way to take users' money. For the last month, ads have been running on YouTube advertising a new fabricated crypto coin called $SpaceX. The convincing ad uses multiple fake tweets from Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk claiming to launch the currency. The scammers are using the platform Uniswap in order to carry out this theft by asking victims to exchange tokens for the supposed new coin. Cryptocurrency investors have been advised to start protecting themselves from scams of this nature and all other crypto scams and to always do research before making major moves in the highly fraudulent market.

Pirated video games filled with malware

A new cryptojacking malware is on the rise on pirated versions of popular video games, most notably Grand Theft Auto V. The software known as Crackonosh is often used to install a crypto coin miner and mine Monero from within the device. These series of attacks have resulted in hackers making over 2 million dollars and this attack is continually spreading faster, affecting 250,000 devices in multiple countries with Philippines and Brazil being the worst affected places. The reason this malware is really successful is due to the fact it causes system antivirus to disable and allows easy entry into the device. As long as pirated games are being downloaded and played, hackers have a way to attack user devices and install these malwares.

30 million Dell devices at possible risk

It has come to the attention of researchers that four high severity vulnerabilities could allow attackers to gain control and cause remote BIOS attacks.

According to an analysis done by Eclypsium, 129 models of devices including desktops, tablets and laptops are at risk, these devices are protected by Secure Boot but these bugs can allow hackers to pass this barrier and wreak havoc within the operating system. The BIOSconnect feature that is used by the Dell in order to provide recoveries can be used against Dell and exploit the device to do whatever they feel like. Dell has released a patch update for all models but it is not known whether the exploit was used before its discovery.