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August 16, 2021
Written by Farah

Cyber Security Growth Rate

Cyber crime has been all happening all around the world. The increase in cyber crime activity can be attributed to several factors.

Key factors influencing the growth rate:

  1. Surge in IoT- All industries are starting to adopt IoT devices to enhance communication and boost operational efficiency.
  2. Rising Geopolitical Tensions- Increased geopolitical tensions are leading to cyber attacks including state-sponsored attacks which are getting dangerous by the day.
  3. Awareness Made Mandatory- Organizations should have awareness programs, workshops, and training. The importance of generating cyber security awareness amongst employees is being widely acknowledged. 
  4. Spike in Cloud Adoption- Due to COVID-19 and the work from home situation, cloud adoption has become a foundation for the digitization of businesses everywhere.

How to improve COVID-19 supply chain cybersecurity

All organizations are doubling down on endpoint security and network access due to remote work.

Seven ways to improve:

  • Pharma supply chains need an industry-wide unified endpoint management (UEM) standard to close gaps between suppliers
  • Zero trust 
  • Patch management
  • Tracking needs to be digital-first to protect supply chains.
  • Healthcare and pharma supply chains need to make multi-factor authentication (MFA) a requirement of doing business.
  • Security to identities 
  • Gaining access to privileged access 

Cyber Supply Chain Risks- Cyber supply chain risks are related with a lack understanding of, and control over many of the processes and decisions involved in the development such as

  • Software security vulnerabilities in supply chain systems.
  • Poor information security practices
  • Compromised software

How Did the Cybersecurity Ecosystem Get So Clogged Up?

Day by day, attackers are getting smarter with their attacks and are armed with advanced techniques to steal data. Organizations should focus on taking more security to understand what devices are connected to their network, how they communicate, and what are risks.

False sense of security:

Organizations are known to use security solutions in hopes of preventing attacks. Companies can deploy every security suite on the market and still be unable to protect against cyberattacks.

Integrations improve agility and productivity:

There are vulnerabilities with cloud computing. The growth of IoT adoption will only increase the challenges of cybersecurity ecosystems. There are alot of hackers trying to steal data but protect it from cyber crime. We should assess damage, maintain continuous encrypted backups, and get back online without spreading the attack to vendors and clients.

Tools for a healthy cybersecurity ecosystem

Discover the ports, services, and assets that could potentially be open to vulnerabilities as well as what devices are connected and running on your network.