Microsoft Teams Changes Coming Feb 2021: lockdown guest access

January 21, 2021
Written by Farah

Lockdown your Microsoft Teams Guest Access Configuration before February 2021

Cybersecurity requires ongoing attention. With frequent changes in systems and networks, cyber criminals are always finding new weak links to attack through.

Microsoft announced a recent change to Microsoft Teams. They are turning on “guest access” by default starting Feb. 8, 2021 for customers who have not configured the setting, whereas currently it is off by default.

What may seem to be helpful can bring risks. When guest access is on, your team can provide access to data, and other company information to external teams outside of your company.

Microsoft stated that you can maintain control over your corporate data, however, this can only happen if you know the change is happening.

Have a backup admin account and pay attention to the changes that are occurring with softwares you use so you can keep your company safe.