Have a Secure Cloud Strategy | SCA Security | The Cyber Review

August 10, 2021
Written by Farah

Key to cyber security considerations for secure cloud strategy

Organizations adopt cloud for better speed and capacity. Maintaining cloud priorities is important, which includes remote access, security and speed.

An Integrated Cloud Cybersecurity Strategy

Following are important strategies for building Cloud Cybersecurity:

  • Risk Assessment and Architecture strategy- Risk assessment is the first step for creating a plan. Businesses need to expand their security monitoring, vulnerability management and any type of risk.
  • Secure by Design Approach- Secure by design approach should be included in the strategies. Security architecture should work closely with the team to put cloud-native security controls 
  • Access Controls and Segmentation- All businesses must have better data security with encryption, classification, leakage prevention, and data recovery capabilities.
  • Zero Trust Security Framework- This allows comprehensive enterprise security control. Zero Trust and workload protection solutions provide defence- in-depth for security.

What is SCA Security?

SCA is known for Software Composition Analysis. It is a process that figures out the open sources in a database. This process is used for security purposes and code quality. Companies need to know open sources obligations without compromising security.

What is open source scanning software?

An open-source scanner helps organizations fix any risk, including open source usage. This scanning is known for generating unmanageable open sources, not all vulnerabilities are the same.

Why is software analysis important?

Tracking open sources manually is not sufficient for an organization's time. An Increasing amount of applications need SCA necessity.

SCA security is similar to your home’s security

SCA security is similar to your home’s security. For example, if you scan your home it finds doorknobs, and also the vulnerable ones. You tell your contractor to fix them, but not all of them are security threats. In the same way, as you scan your open source components, you find an open source in the application that is vulnerable. So you tell a developer to fix it quickly before an attacker can enter data into the application.

Determine More Effective Countermeasures With Vulnerability Scanning

Having a secure network is important today since many organizations are storing their data on their network. Vulnerability scanning is one of the most important methods that can be used to identify any weaknesses.

Vulnerability scanning – what is it?

Vulnerability scanning is a process of discovering any weakness in the system. A vulnerability scan detects and classifies system weaknesses in computers, networks. It also helps to determine if countermeasures will be effective enough.

There are different types of vulnerability scanners that are based on their case.

External vulnerability scans

External vulnerability scans include web application security, website security, network vulnerability assessment, ports, services, and externally accessible systems.

Internal vulnerability scans

Internal vulnerability scans include mainly internal enterprise networks, searching and conducting a network vulnerability assessment to avoid damage.

Environmental vulnerability scans

Environmental vulnerability scans include various technologies including cloud-based services, mobile devices, and websites.