The Cyber Review: SEO and Cybersecurity | Free Cybersecurity Tools

March 30, 2021
Written by Farah

Cybersecurity and SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization which is using techniques for to optimize organic growth on search engines such as Google—finding ways to show up high in the search so your website is clicked on.

Cybersecurity on the other hand is using techniques to protect devices, networks, and data from cyber criminals.

The higher a website's ranking is on the first page of Google, the higher the chances it will be visited and clicked on. With the increase of traffic and visitors to the website, the higher the chances of it being attacked and hacked. While focusing on SEO, companies should not neglect cybersecurity.

Examples of what can happen if your website is hacked:

  1. Website traffic can be redirected to third party servers.
  2. Error 50X, internal server error can be generated.
  3. Massive 404 errors, content not found can be caused across the website.
  4. Websites can be infected with malicious code, which can spread infections to all visitors.
  5. Websites can be infected by phishing attacks to trick visitors.

How a hacked website can impact your SEO:

  1. Penalty or blacklisting: search engines can put penalties on sites that are hacked and dangerous for customers which will impact the search results ranking and your business's reputation
  2. Downtime: if your site is down, your search results will drop
  3. Content changes: hackers can change the content on your website which can negatively impact your Google rank position

Cybersecurity tools offered to businesses

According to a cybersecurity expert at Ryerson University, almost half of small and medium businesses in Canada have suffered a cyber attack. A free online tool has been created to help those small and medium businesses called Simply Secure by the university's centre for cybersecurity. The tool is an information and training resource.

“Canadian SMBs are embracing new technologies and learning to do more with less as they recover from the pandemic downturn. Cybersecurity is a critical component of this digital transformation journey,” says Sumit Bhatia, Director of Innovation and Policy at the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst.

Cybersecurity is essential for recovery from the pandemic's effects on businesses. There is a handbook, took kit, learning modules, and many more features in the tool to help businesses.

Think tank launches cybersecurity training for state officials

The nonprofit National Cybersecurity Centre is offering training sessions on cybersecurity and IT to elected officials and staff in U.S. The training series is supported by Google. The series will start off with cybersecurity basics such as passwords, multi-factor authentication, software patching and cover the importance of these, then moving on to threats, ransomware, phishing, and supply-chain attacks.

“Americans must have confidence in their elections. That can’t happen if we aren’t vigilant in our defense of the digital systems that make up our election infrastructure,” LaRose, who last year became the first statewide elections chief to launch a vulnerability disclosure program, said in the press release.