The Cyber Review: Cloud Platforms, Remote Work Concerns

March 27, 2021
Written by Farah

Cybersecurity Fears Trigger Migration From the Public Cloud

Cloud cybersecurity has become an important topic of conversation in companies. Deciding whether to use public or private cloud platforms or going to hybrid cloud use to supplement existing on-premises data centers is a concern.

Several cybersecurity reports raise concerns about confidence in cloud providers' abilities to adequately protect users from data breaches, maintain visibility and security controls.

  • Remote work: Increased risk from working from home and using cloud programs and storage. There are deficiencies in cloud infrastructure, security, and network architecture capabilities.
  • Cloud security: A concern that cloud security isn't clear. Nearly one-third blame security breaches as the main driver for migrating from public to private cloud or a non-cloud environment.

There are key benefits for hybrid cloud adoption (aka multiple cloud platforms) over the other data storage options which achieve optimal delivery of IT applications to maximize business advantage.

A study found that a further 32.7 percent of respondents plan to implement a hybrid solution within 12 to 24 months. It is clear that hybrid cloud is now seen as critical to data-driven processes and real-time decisions both now and in the future.

Employee Lockdown Stress May Spark Cybersecurity Risk

Stressed out employees in a remote work environment could be contributing to poor cybersecurity actions for companies, found a survey. Younger employees and caregivers reported more stress than other employees as well as riskier cybersecurity behaviours.

55 percent of the younger group reported making more mistakes when working from home, such as copying in the wrong people into emails – in comparison, only 17 percent of the over-30s reported such mistakes. And, nearly two-thirds of the younger group (63 percent) stated that distractions while working from home negatively impact decision-making, compared to 26 percent of older people.

The differences also reflect the risk-taking tendencies between the age groups due to the stress faced on a day to day.

Remote work makes cybersecurity a top worry for CEOs

After a year of remote work becoming the norm with accelerated digital transformation and highly visible cyberattacks, CEOs from UK revealed remote work becoming a top concern.

When asked which top three threats are explicitly factored into their strategic risk management activities, 'cyber threats' was the most selected by UK CEOs, then by 75%, ahead of 'pandemics and other health crises' (62%), and 'uncertain economic growth' (57%).

With these concerns, CEOs are planning to increase their investment in cybersecurity and data privacy.