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August 3, 2021
Written by Farah

Developing Best Practices for API Security

APIs allow developers to come across multiple systems with ease. Best practices of APIs include having a better understanding of the security points.

Recognizing Threats

Developers should be aware of all threats to improve security in API. Following is the list of the threats that must be addressed:

• Weak authN and authR

• Impersonation/credential stuffing, bots and ghost accounts

• Smart scanners

• Inside-out-only perspective

• Device security

Best Practices

Developers can make a list to address all the threats and security pain points. All developers should follow the following list for best practices:

  • Secure identities
  • Have smaller and more context-driven calls
  • Have fewer API calls exposed (Developers can also do device checks)

Developing the best practices for API security is important since API is the main success of digital transformation

Data Laundering Poses Privacy, Security Risks

Data Laundering is act of obtaining data through illegal means which could include hacked database from a business or any companies website

The Trouble With Data Laundering

The Customers are unaware of the trouble with data laundering and are purchasing stolen data. For example, if an organization buys stolen data that could lead to a lot of mistakes and the business could lose a lot of money because of the false data. There could be a lot of consequential risk such as illegal data could leave the organization open to lawsuit because of not knowing the validity of the data

Tracking the Chain of Custody

Tracking the chain of custody guarantees the data validity. At one point, the chain of custody will be a requirement for all organizations for security reasons as data laundering is considered a big problem in the “data sales”

How to Combat Data Laundering

To combat data laundering, there should be a regulated or legal obligation on companies to remove data at the request of the citizen. Consumer’s data should be owned by the consumer and all buying and selling needs to be with consumer consent

5 Factors For Success in Cybersecurity Projects

Avoid cybersecurity risk as a lot of companies are considering moving fully remote. 

Top cybersecurity priorities 

  • Cybersecurity mesh allows to extend security where it is needed
  • Focus on discussing cybersecurity matters
  • Vendor consolidation is a way for safe security
  • Identity-first security allows to present all information workers will function
  • Managing machine identities

Cybersecurity projects shifts will be dependent on specific factors

  • Developing and maintaining a cyber-resilient culture
  • Maintaining a balance between risk-informed decisions
  • Protecting critical assets
  • Protecting critical services

All companies will need to focus on the top priorities to be successful in cybersecurity projects