Today’s Cybersecurity News: 4 things you need to know

A lot has been happening in the world of cybersecurity amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s a breakdown of the top cybersecurity news:

  1. The smaller the business, the smaller focus on cybersecurityA survey conducted with 400 small business owners found:
  • 31% of small business owners (less than 10 employees) were concerned with remote work during COVID-19
  • 80% of businesses (more than 10 employees) have invested more into cybersecurity measures since remote work
  1. Survey finds sluggish cybersecurity response to COVID-19A global survey was conducted with security and IT workers suggests that companies continue to struggle with the cybersecurity implications of COVID-19. There were some interesting results from the survey:
  • 86% of organizations have seen an increase in cyberattacks during the pandemic
  • 50% of people reported that their organization did not have a contingency plan to cope with unprecedented events like the pandemic
  • 20% said they shared cybersecurity and remote work guides with the company
  1. Canada’s healthcare system continues to struggle with cybersecurity amid COVID-19A CBC report found that Canadian hospitals are overwhelmed by cyberattacks. Canada’s healthcare system was already prone to cyberattacks, but since the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and clinics aren’t able to cope with the growing cyberattacks and threats.
  2. Cybersecurity’s new normal

    The shift to remote work has led organizations to changing their approaches:

  • Device access and management: ensuring every point of access on a device can prove identity, compliance, and configuration assurance
  • Trustworthy IoT: strengthening the authentication controls in IoT devices and marketing security as a product
  • Privacy rights for employees: Concerns about data protection for customers has now expanded to employees working from home