Latest in Cybersecurity: 3 things you need to know

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June 23, 2020.

Here is today’s round-up of the latest cybersecurity and digital forensics news in Canada and US.

What’s the latest?

  1. Shortage of cybersecurity experts in a time of crisis

Cybersecurity this, cybersecurity that. It’s all we are hearing these days because of remote work due to COVID-19. Cybersecurity is important, but companies are helpless without an IT department and cybersecurity experts. A survey showed that there is a shortage of skilled candidates in cybersecurity despite an adequate budget.

Companies are already vulnerable to attacks during this time and now a shortage of experts is making it tougher to safeguard from unauthorized access and cyber-attacks.


  1. Government of Canada announces a mobile app to track COVID-19

Since the government announced they are creating a COVID-19 tracking app, there has been conversation surrounding the issue of privacy. There has been news of fake tracing apps in other countries where the scam apps install malware on the device and steal information. It is risky when sensitive health information is on the line. Although a neat idea to trace COVID-19 cases, the stakes are high when it comes to government apps and private information.


  1. A new tool to protect children’s online privacy

A researcher at the University of Texas at Dallas found that 72 out of 100 mobile apps for children violate a federal law that is supposed to protect children’s online privacy. The researcher created a tool that accesses a device’s special-purpose register and whenever an app transmits data, the app’s activity can be detected by the special-purpose register. It also requires websites and online services to obtain parental consent before collecting personal information from anyone younger than 13.