Approaching Penetration Testing

The Right Approach To Penetration Testing

Cybercriminals are always probing for new ways onto our networks, and they frequently sit there undetected. If we want to combat them effectively, we need to employ the same intelligent and determined approach. Here are some quick tips to help you do that:

 Consider the risk: What are you trying to protect? Where does the greatest risk lie? Talk to the right people in your organization and ask them. Figure out where a breach would cause the most damage so that you know what you need to safeguard. Brainstorm on where the risk lies and how access might be gained.

 Profile attackers: Figure out who might try to gain access to your data and build a profile of them that your pen tester can emulate. Are you concerned about rival companies, criminals and disgruntled employees? Each will likely take a different approach and pose different risks.

• Take a holistic view: You can’t just pen test your apps and call it a day. Attackers will probe and search until they find a weak spot that can be exploited. Try to analyze and test your entire network and infrastructure.

 Harvest actionable insights: You need detailed reports on your pen test findings that are then attached to remediation action. The point is to improve your security, so you need to act to close gaps and then test again to verify your actions were successful.

Real-time protection and continuous assessment of security strategies are crucial to the success of any cybersecurity plan, and penetration testing is an important part of that.