Robin Fowler

Certified Forensic Examiner – ACE, CBE  

Robin developed his astute forensic examiner skills while working with a large multinational electronics supply chain. He has experience in the forensic examination and analysis of computer systems and portable electronic devices both in the laboratory and in the field. 

He has a background in technical support and expertise on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux platforms. Robin’s advanced analytical skills, when applied to forensic examinations, make him an indispensable member of the TCS team.  

Before joining TCS Forensics, Robin worked in the private sector on a variety of technical projects. He is a gifted problem solver with a natural inclination toward understanding and resolving complex technological problems.     

In addition to his forensic examination skills, Robin is proficient in computer data recovery. He is also a natural at troubleshooting with a solid background in the detection, identification, and remediation of malicious malware in computer systems. 

Robin’s Digital Forensic Certifications include the following: 

  • AccessData Certified Examiner — ACE 
  • Certified Blacklight Examiner — CBE