Forensic case studies outlining past success:

Mid to Large public company

Service: Penetration and Vulnerability test and report
Client’s Needs: The client wants to secure all internal and external network ports from an internal employee and also from outside hackers
Our Role: TCS provided a full investigation of all firewalls, ports, and services running on each server and IP address on their network, both internally and on the web. It is followed by a full report that outlines, ‘Keystroke by keystroke’, the vulnerabilities of the network and how to fix them. This gives the client;

  • Assurance that their data is protected and the risks are defined and understood
  • Assurance that security policies are being properly enforced
  • Documented proof for clients, partners, employees, and shareholders that sensitive information are effectively protected
  • Documented proof of due diligence in the protection of organizational assets

Risk presented to Business’ from employee use of social media

Service: Social Media PEN Testing
Client’s Needs: What is the risk to the Business’ Intellectual Property from inappropriate use of social media? Are there any threat actors within the cyber underground that are seeking to exploit social media to steal Intellectual Property? How would a range of threat actors use social media to steal Intellectual Property?
Our Role: TCS analysts initiated a ‘deep dive’ examination of the Business’ social media presence identifying over 20 thousand separate social media profile and several hundred groups online. Using techniques such as data scraping and text mining TCS analyst were able to identify key hemorrhage point of Intellectual Property from the Business’. Additional, TCS was able to identify a group of high-risk individuals that the Business was then able to better risk management in the future.

Deep web search for digital evidence

Service: Internet Investigation
Client’s Needs: The client sought to bring legal action against an individual who was suspected of embezzlement of a large amount of money from an established property portfolio.
Our Role: TCS forensics examiners used specialist software to scour the Deep web, in doing so finding a previously unknown blog site that revealed new and incriminating evidence on one of the main individuals involved in the case. When confronted with the information that TCS forensics examiners had found the individual became more receptive to an out of court settlement.

Onsite training and consultancy

Service: Training
Client’s Needs: A major security and investigation company sought to develop an in house Cyber Intelligence Capability, using one of their existing teams.
Our Role: With a combination of bespoke training and direct consultancy, TCS Instructors delivered a full training package, tailored to the client’s needs. This allowed the client to fully understand the difference between cyber forensics and cyber intelligence, delivered real-world skills that the client could apply immediately and a fuller appreciation of what a ‘cyber intelligence’ capability truly is.

Assessing Geopolitical risk to data in Sub Saharan Africa

Service: Thematic Research
Client’s Needs: The Client was a multinational banking institution seeking to invest heavily in data outsourcing services in the Sub Saharan Africa region over the next decade. The Client had concerns over both the legal and illegal threats to data security in the region and sought TCS forensics help in quantifying the threat.
Our Role: Using a combination of in-country research, trusted regional sources and thematic research TCS analyst were able to fully quantify the risk to the Clients data. Results covered both legitimate sources such as the various Countries Freedom of Information legislation, as well as underground actors such as espionage and criminals active within the region.

Internal Corporate Fraud

Service: Network Image & audit
Client’s Needs: The client believes that their internal accounts person had siphoned a large amount of money over a period of a year. They needed proof to remove this person
Our Role: TCS forensics examiners went to the office after hours and imaged the local and the network drive and through a painstaking audit and email trail, we were able to give the clients a complete process on how the money was transferred from one account to another.

Spouse dispute over support cost

Service: Computer & Smartphone image and investigation
Client’s Needs: The client was sure the spouse was hiding money
Our Role: TCS was able to access the spouse’s residence and image multiple computers and multiple smartphones with a court order. We were able to find deposits to a foreign account and many emails supporting each transaction.

Cheating spouse

Service: Smartphone image and reporting
Client’s Needs: The client wanted TCS to image and access the spouse’s secure Smartphone to gather all email, SMS, photos, and videos as evidence in a divorce case.
Our Role: TCS was able to image a secure Smartphone and within a few days, the client received a full detailed report with the evidence needed to win the case. The client received a 3” binder with over 800+ text messages over a period of a year with more than two dozen people. We were also able to retrieve incrimination photos and videos of spouse in a compromising situation.

Digital Data Forensics

Service: Hard drive image & running a keyword search
Client’s Needs: Law firms requested a notebook to be sent to the opposing firm but needed the client privilege information to be vetted.
Our Role: TCS was able to image the hard drive and remove certain keywords and files that were provided by our client before returning the notebook to the opposing law firm.

Massive Digital Document Forensics

Service: e-Discovery
Client’s Needs: Massive Financial Fraud
Our Role: Using TCS e-Discovery methods, we were able to process terabytes of data from multiple storage devices and locations. Within a week we were able to produce searchable criteria’s for the clients. In situations like this where massive amounts of data are to be scrutinized in a short time, TCS uses e-Discovery methods to index headings to make terabytes of digital files easy to find. The client was able to pull all documents, texts, audios, photos & videos from a certain timeframe of a particular person with a single keystroke. This process cuts the time in going through millions of digital files types for a single case.

Radioactive Spillage onboard a freight tanker – Retrieval of Black box information

Service: Onsite digital imaging and data analysis
Client’s Needs: The client wants TCS to gather all navigational information and ship logs from the ship’s black box
Our Role: TCS forensic examiners boarded the radioactive ship along with federal authorities to locate and image many navigational aids & engine room computer, From this data, we were able to retrieve the heading, speed, weather and other navigational data.

Damaged mobile phone recovered from a plane crash

Service: Reconstruct a badly damaged mobile phone
Client’s Needs: The client wanted to identify and recover data (document and photos) of the decease’s mobile phone.
Our Role: TCS was able to pull off data to verify that the mobile phone belongs to the family member and we were also able to retrieve photos and videos from this phone.